• Melania Trump tested negative for coronavirus
  • Twitter asked why Melania Trump was tested for coronavirus
  • Donald Trump said no American will be alone amid the coronavirus outbreak

Melania Trump’s coronavirus test result was negative, but Twitter users still slammed her.

The First Lady of the United States tested negative for COVID-19, according to the White House. While many were happy, some slammed the FLOTUS and even asked why she got tested in the first place because most people have a hard time getting tested since the test kits are limited, so only those who show signs are prioritized.

“WHY DID SHE GET TESTED? Did she have symptoms?” one asked.

“My question exactly,” another agreed.

“That's the right question,” a different online user added.

“How did she get a test as little girls sit on the phone with the hotline trying to get an appointment in 3-4 days to get tested, as their health worsens?” @JeshL commented.

Many also took a swipe at the FLOTUS. According to one, she also “tested negative for a soul” and “heart.” The Twitter users were referring to Melania’s lack of empathy to the people especially when she wore the controversial “I really don’t care, do you?” jacket.

“An ‘empathy’ test came back also came back negative,” @JenPetterson added.

Several also mocked President Donald Trump because for them, the coronavirus test was only accessible to him and his family and not to everyone in the country.

“When he said "everybody that wants a test gets a test", he meant everyone in his family and administration,” @hewster1369 wrote.

In related news, Trump shared a video highlighting how Americans help one another during the pandemic. The POTUS assured everyone that “no American is alone as long as we are united.”

However, despite the POTUS’ call for unity, many still do not support him. In fact, several are calling Trump to resign now.