• Donald Trump said no American is alone amid the coronavirus outbreak
  • Twitter users react to Donald Trump's post about prevailing together
  • Donald Trump predicts that more will die from depression and massive recession than the flu

Donald Trump assures the citizens that no American is alone amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The President of the United States shared a clip that highlights what people in America do to help each other amid the COVID-19 pandemic on Twitter. In the caption, he wrote a short but strong message, “Together, we will prevail!”

The video features several individuals who do their part by making donations and shopping for others. Some kids also use their own allowance and savings to give packs of donation to others who need it more than them.

“We all joined together as one people. Eternally linked by our shared national spirit of courage, love and patriotism,” Trump says in the voiceover. “No American is alone as long as we are united.”

Many were moved by the video and thanked Trump for his efforts in fighting the invisible enemy. Several showed their support for Trump’s call to unite and they put their trust on the POTUS.

“God bless President Trump and God bless America. We will get through this!” one commented.

“Thank you for your leadership, President Trump, during this difficult time. We are America and together, we will prevail. Sooner rather than later!” another added.

Trump has doubled down his coronavirus efforts to bring the Americans' lives back to normal as soon as possible. On Tuesday, the president made another claim but did not provide statistics to support it. Trump said that he would love to resume businesses by Easter or else more will die from depression and recession than COVID-19.

“You're going to lose a number of people to the flu, but you're going to lose more people by putting a country into a massive recession or  depression,” Trump predicted.

“You're going to lose people. You're going to have suicides by the thousands”

Meanwhile, many are also urging Trump to resign. Trump posted a cryptic message about making a decision after 15 days and his critics urged him to not wait for it and just “resign now.”