• Melania Trump has a unique parenting style
  • Melania Trump's parenting styles changes depending on her mood
  • Melania Trump needs to change her parenting style now that Barron Trump is a teenager 

Melania Trump reportedly has a unique parenting approach with her 13-year-old son, Barron Trump.

Other than the fact that the FLOTUS is more hands-on with her son compared to Donald Trump, it is also the first lady who is quite unconventional.

While speaking with Express, Rachel Fitz-Desorgher, a baby expert, said that Melania has her own preferred parenting style with Barron, and it is based on her ever-changing mood.

The FLOTUS’ parenting style also differs depending on if she’s had enough sleep and rest the night before and how busy she is.

Melania is also keen on protecting Barron’s privacy. After all, her son’s every move and even his facial expressions and height are analyzed by the media.

And now that Barron is already a teenager, the baby expert said that it is highly likely for the FLOTUS to change her parenting style once again.

“Teenagers crave independence but are not yet quite ready for total freedom - the ability to make good life decisions is still a few years away. Tell a teenager to be home by 10 o’clock and you can expect to be met with angry defiance,” she said.

Meanwhile, President Trump is not very involved in his youngest son’s life. In fact, he proudly told Larry King years ago the Melania is the one in charge of changing Barron’s diaper. The POTUS also said that he never made food for Barron and his other children.

While Barron was growing up, Melania was the one who served as his ultimate disciplinarian. The FLOTUS told the “Mommy Helper Show” that this is because she’s the one that spends more time with her son.

“I like to spend as much time as possible with him because children need your attention, they need to see that you are involved and they really want their mummy there,” she said.

In related news, Barron caught the attention of netizens when he returned to Washington after a short trip to Mar-a-Lago. At 13 years old, the FLOTUS’s son looks quite tall for his age. In fact, he’s already taller than the POTUS.