• Barron Trump is much taller than the POTUS
  • Barron Trump shocked everyone with his towering height
  • Barron Trump could become a 7-footer

Melania Trump and Donald Trump’s son, Barron Trump, recently sparked surprise among netizens after he made a public appearance after the holidays.

This week, the Trumps returned to Washington following their vacation in Mar-a-Lago. When the first family deplaned, netizens couldn’t help but notice how tall Barron has become.

The POTUS and the FLOTUS’ only child is just 13 years old, and it seems that he’s already over 6-feet tall. Some netizens are convinced that he could grow up to become a 7-footer.

“Who else Googled how tall is Barron Trump after seeing the footage of them getting back to the White House over the weekend? I stand at close to 6’2” and at his age was around 5’5”. He has to be 6’5”+. If he kept growing as much as I did he would top at 7’2”. #crazy,” Twitter user @OnARantMan said.

“When did Barron Trump grow to 7 feet tall? He looked giant next to Trump and Melania,” Twitter user @jarrell_jeb said.

“So, I just saw the news right now and my jaw dropped seeing how tall Barron Trump is. Like I swear he was half the height of Trump a year ago, and now they’re like the same height. And Trump is 190?” Twitter user @yesbrownies said.

“How tall is Barron Trump now? Geez,” Twitter user @NPemley said.

“OMG! There is Barron Trump with POTUS and FLOTUS. He’s so tall. And he’s only in his teens. He’s going to outgrow his father, President Trump,” Twitter user @WandaR93680971 said.

Meanwhile, Melania’s teenage son also made headlines during his return to Washington due to an entirely different reason. Some netizens noticed how sad and distant Barron looked when he arrived back home.

Barron is known for keeping a straight face whenever he’s out in public. And some netizens couldn’t help but speculate on the reason why.

“I think Barron was 11 when his father was elected. He also seems to be a very quiet, shy and introverted child. Coupled with the fact that even before the presidency his father didn’t seem to have much to do with him,” Linda Elin said on the online forum site Quora.

Donald & Melania Trump
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump wave to guests from the Truman Balcony with their son Barron Trump during the 139th Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., April 17, 2017. Getty Images