It’s time for happily ever after for “Melissa & Joey.” The ABC Family comedy wrapped up after four seasons and 104 episodes on Wednesday night, but the show didn’t end without a few twists. With a pregnancy, an engagement and a near death experience, the series finale was packed with surprises and heartwarming moments.

The “Melissa & Joey” Season 4 finale kicks off when Melissa (Melissa Joan Hart) discovers that she is pregnant with twins. Mel is thrilled to be pregnant, but she isn’t prepared for the news about twins. She is in denial for a while about having two babies while running for congress. “I do want it all,” Mel explains. “I want a baby. I even want two babies, and I want to run for congress. I just don’t want it all at the exact same time."

Joe (Joey Lawrence) talks Mel down, but Mel worries that she won’t be able to handle the pressure. She says she isn’t going to run for congress. At a rally, Mel plans to officially announce that she is not running. When she gets up to podium, the politician realizes that she doesn’t have to give up her dreams. She has the support of her family and she can handle the challenge, even if it is scary. “I’m running for congress, and I’m going to win,” she says.

The other couple of “Melissa & Joey” are fixing their own issues. Lennox (Taylor Spreitler) and Zander (Sterling Knight) work out their fight over Zander’s music. They have makeup sex, but Zander still moves across the hall since they clearly can’t live together.

Lennox and Zander later go to a friend's wedding together. On the way back, a deer runs into the road and they get into a car accident. They’re fine, but it makes them realize life is short. “Life’s too short to be fighting over these petty living together problems,” Zander says. Zander wants to move back in, but Lennox suddenly proposes.

Mel comes home and announces that she is following her political dreams, and Zander and Lennox are thrilled. The older couple is less excited about their engagement announcement. Lennox assures them that they aren’t rushing into it.

Ryder (Nick Robinson) also has an announcement. He got his orders from the Navy and is going to Portsmouth, Virginia. Luckily, that’s right near Washington, D.C., so he won’t be far if Mel wins the election.

The good news just keeps coming in as Joe gets a message from a publisher. They want to publish his book, but they also want him to go on a book tour. He says he can’t with the twins on the way, but Mel assures him that he can have it all. They kiss and the family has a big group hug.

The happy ending pleased at least one of the show's stars. “I think the writers did a brilliant job of setting it up so that the audience wouldn’t be too sad or confused,” Melissa Joan Hart told TV Line. “They’ll go, ‘Oh, I get what’s going to happen to them in the future.’”

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