Men are equal to women when it comes to being body conscious. A recent survey claims that men, too, feel self-conscious about their bodies while stripping down to their bathing suits.

In a poll conducted by the market research group OnePulse, only 8 percent of the men said they feel happy about the way they have maintained their bodies, while 11 percent said they are not happy about their bodies at all. Another 11 percent confessed that they literally hate their bodies. The survey was conducted among 500 females and 400 men across Britain. All of the subjects were between ages 16 and 65.

The poll results also revealed that nearly one-third, or 29 percent, of the men feel pressured by women to look good and maintain their bodies. On the other hand, nearly 22 percent of the respondents claimed that they do not feel any kind of pressure at all. Almost 16 percent feel pressured by other men to maintain a good physique.

The poll results seems to be even more surprising for women. With only 3 percent of the women claiming to be happy with their bodies, nearly 39 percent confessed that they would not feel appropriate flaunting a bikini with their current physique.

Meanwhile, 41 percent of women expressed an immoderate desire for a flat stomach, followed by toned legs, a small waist and toned arms.