A three-year-old boy was fighting for life after a metal valve fell onto his head from the 21st floor while he was walking with his mother. The incident took place in Dongyang, China, on Thursday.

According to reports, the unidentified boy was walking home from his nursery school when the metal valve struck him. The boy fell unconscious and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he underwent an emergency five-hour surgery. A video showed the boy’s mother, identified as Zhong Lingfang, crying while holding the unconscious boy.

Recalling the incident, the mother said, “One second he was eating a banana and holding my hand, and the next he collapsed on the ground. He wasn't crying and made no sound. His head was covered in blood.”

Meanwhile, a renovation worker was detained in connection with the incident. During interrogation, the worker, identified just by his surname Zu, said he was soldering an air-conditioning unit on the 21st floor when the valve fell off. He then accidentally burned his hand because of which he ended up flinging the metal valve which weighed almost three pounds. He was arrested and remained in custody as police continued investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, despite the emergency surgery, the victim remained in coma and was breathing with the help of a respiratory machine.

Representational image of an operation theater. Vidal Balielo Jr./Pexels