A man armed with a straight-edge razor and suspected of robbing a bank was shot and killed by police in the Florida city of Miami Beach Saturday, an event widely publicized by a video posted on Instagram. The incident began when the unidentified man walked into a Bank of America branch and handed a teller a note saying he had a bomb, WTVJ-TV in Miami reported.

When police approached the bank, the man fled, eventually running into a nearby barbershop. After refusing to leave the shop for a while, the suspect came out, with a blade commonly used by barbers for shaving in his hand.

An apparent video of the shooting was circulated on social media after Marcellus Johnson, an event photographer, posted it to his Instagram account. The video is short, but graphic.

The video shows a shirtless man stepping toward some police officers, eventually putting his hand on a police cruiser. Shots ring out, and the man falls to the ground clutching his body.

Warning: The video below depicts graphic violence.

“Everything seemed under control. It wasn’t fast. It was pretty chill,” bystander Sylvia Rodriguez told the Miami Herald. “He was not acting erratic.” Rodriguez said it appeared the officer who shot the man flashed a slight smile and gave a thumbs-up to other officers at the scene.

The Miami-Dade Police Department is expected to investigate the shooting in accordance with department policy, the Herald reported.

“Shots were fired, and the subject is deceased,” the police said in a statement, cited by Miami News Times.