Lawyer Michael Avenatti was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Los Angeles Police Department said they responded to a domestic violence incident Tuesday and took a report.

Avenatti, whose bail was set at $50,000, was released about four hours after he was arrested. While leaving the police station, he denied the allegations and told reporters he “has never struck a woman” adding that he has been an advocate for women’s rights his entire career. The identity of the woman who filed the complaint has not been revealed.

“I wish to thank the hard working men and woman of the LAPD for their professionalism and their work today. They had no option in light of the allegations. I am looking forward to a full investigation, at which point I am confident that I will be fully exonerated,” Avenatti said.

TMZ first reported that his estranged wife had filed a report against him. However, in a statement to Buzz Feed, Lisa Storie-Avenatti’s attorney stated she was not present in Avenatti’s apartment the day the alleged incident happened.

“My client and I have reviewed the TMZ article alleging that my client, Lisa Storie-Avenatti, has been injured and that Michael Avenatti has been arrested as a result of some incident that occurred between them. This article is not true as it pertains to my client. Ms. Storie-Avenatti was not subject to any such incident on Tuesday night. Further, she was not at Mr. Avenatti’s apartment on the date that this alleged incident occurred. My client states that there has never been domestic violence in her relationship with Michael and that she has never known Michael to be physically violent toward anyone,” the statement said.

His first wife, Christine Carlin, also put out a tweet defending Avenatti by stating, “I have known @MichaelAvenatti for over 26 years we met when he was 21 years old and we were married for 13 years. Michael has ALWAYS been a kind loving father to our two daughters and husband to me. He has NEVER been abusive to me or anyone else. He is a good man.”

She also asked people to reserve judgment on him. “Please wait for facts. Plain and simple he does not hit women,” she said.

According to law enforcement sources, the victim in the case had visible injuries and her face was “swollen and bruised” when she submitted her complaint to authorities, TMZ had reported. There was another confrontation between Avenatti and the victim at the apartment Wednesday afternoon post which the woman was seen running out of the apartment wearing sunglasses and screaming into her phone, it said.

"I can't believe you did this to me.  I'm going to get a restraining order against you,” she reportedly screamed.

Security guards then led her back inside the building. Avenatti arrived five minutes later and ran into the building. “She hit me first,” he reportedly said. “This is bull----, this is f------- bulls----,” he screamed angrily.

Police then showed up and spoke to him for a while and then arrested him. Avenatti kicked the woman out of the apartment Tuesday which was when the alleged domestic violence occurred. The next day, she went back to the apartment to take her belongings and had reportedly informed the police to stand by in case things got escalated.

After his release, Avenatti took to Twitter to thank the people who supported him.