The Michael Cohen saga, especially of late, has been an interesting one to watch. The latest wrinkle in the story has delivered another twist in this ongoing back and forth between a former employee and former employer.

According to CNN, Michael Cohen is now suing the Trump Organization for $1.9 million in the aftermath of his testimony. Cohen is claiming that the organization failed to fulfill contractual obligations to pay his fees for work after he started cooperating with federal investigators. Cohen references the work as the hearings at Congress, the Mueller investigation, and handling payment to Stormy Daniels.

The lawsuit states that "by failing to pay Mr. Cohen's attorneys' fees and costs and other amounts incurred in connection with the matters, the Trump Organization has breached the indemnification agreement."

The move by Cohen comes before he faces three years in prison after pleading guilty for lying to Congress and breaking federal finance laws. The timing here, though, could potentially work against Cohen.

Cohen’s lawsuit hitting after his testimony on Capitol Hill, given recent history, could be used against him in the public eye to discrediting his testimony. However, it hasn’t stopped Democrats and the House Committees from requesting documents and more regarding President Trump and his associates.

Ultimately, all anyone can do is wait and see what the latest chapter of Cohen and Trump’s story holds.