U.S. President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama (R) participate in a Martin Luther King Day service project at Leckie Elementary School in Washington, January 18, 2016. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Michelle Obama for the first time ever used slang on air during her appearance in a daytime talk show “The Real” Tuesday. During the talk show focused on higher education, the 51-year-old first lady of the U.S. took the audience by surprise. Michelle used the expression “Bye Felicia” to be greeted only by thunderous laughter.

The mother-of-two when asked about her advice for parents of college kids was very blunt. “When they get to be 17, you'll be like 'Bye Felicia!'” she said. “Bye Felicia” is a line from the 1995 Hollywood flick “Friday” which starred Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. According to Urban Dictionary, it is an expression used to dismiss someone.

The person is usually irrelevant and annoying. It is a way of dismissing them from your life, and showing them they hold no relevance to you, the website said. Meanwhile, Flotus got candid about her husband the U.S. President Barack Obama and his college life.

She had the audience in splits when she told that Potus was not a good boy in school. Talking about whose grades was higher in school, she said that Obama would answer that better, adding it was not even close enough. Michelle said that he fooled around in high school. “He's said it, he didn’t take school seriously in high school, he barely got his work done – he was a bum,” she said.

Michelle talked about the struggles of president Obama as a student, as he did not have a father. She added that he had to figure out things for himself. She told how, when Obama went to college and was in the second year at Columbia College, he thought to do something with his life and get his act together.

She said at the end that it was never too late to act. Michelle added that Barack was a case in point and students should take inspiration from him and move up in life and their career. Michelle spoke to the hosts of “The Real” in the East Room of the White House.