Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is projected to win Michigan, which has 16 electoral votes. As of Wednesday at 5:40 p.m. ET, Biden leads Trump by 1.2 points in the state, 49.8% to 48.6%.

Biden has 2,684,200 votes in Michigan, compared to 2,617,060 votes for President Donald Trump.

The victory puts Biden's electoral count at 253, while Trump is at 214. Should Biden win Nevada and Arizona — two states he is expected to win that have 17 total electoral votes — he will capture the White House. The Associated Press and Fox News both have called Arizona for Biden but other news services have not confirmed that Biden has won the state's 11 electoral votes.

Wisconsin, which has 10 electoral votes, also went to Biden on Wednesday afternoon. Biden also has swing-state wins in Minnesota and New Hampshire, as well as Nebraska’s 2nd district.

Entering the election, Michigan was considered a crucial swing state. Biden touted the auto bailout under the Obama-Biden administration in visits to Detroit. Trump also frequently campaigned in the state, where he promoted his pro-manufacturing “America First” platform.

In 2016, Trump upset Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in Michigan, 47.5% to 47.2%. Trump won by a narrow 10,704 votes over Clinton, drawing key support from rural voters.

A winner has yet to be announced in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Georgia (16 electoral votes), North Carolina (15 electoral votes) and Alaska (3 electoral votes).