Microsoft Corp. and Agree Technology announced SuperTeller for financial institutions to become more customers centric.

The SuperTeller is base on Microsoft.NET, it provides financial institutions with greater agility, and is quickly and easily integrated into legacy applications.

SuperTeller was developed by Agree Technology in close collaboration with Microsoft.

“We are very pleased to be working closely with Microsoft and see SuperTeller as a new generation branch system that will help financial institutions greatly improve performance and risk management, and provide customers with an enhanced in-branch experience,” said Yuhui Wang, CEO, Agree Technology.

“Today’s banking environment faces a number of challenges to meet increasing customer demands, manage risk and remain competitive, all while optimizing costs,” said Susan Hauser, vice president, Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft. “Microsoft’s platform and financial services partnerships make us uniquely able to facilitate new operational efficiencies, increase transparency and accelerate innovation across the global banking enterprise.

The SuperTeller provides a user-friendly front-end and supports all line-of-business applications at the branch level which allows solution to financial institutions to facilitate much-needed branch transformation and empower branch staff to be more customer-centric.

Additionally, it also allow faster and easier access to customer information as and when required, and helps eliminate data redundancy by providing centralized control, according to Microsoft.

SuperTeller is now available but Microsoft had not release any specific price.