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Windows 10 is the first version of the operating system Microsoft has launched under CEO Satya Nadella. Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

LONDON -- How does the leader of one of the world's biggest technology companies spend his week? According to a presentation by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, it's mostly in meetings, responding to emails and working late into the night.

Speaking at the company’s Future Decoded conference in London on Tuesday, Nadella, who took the reins at Microsoft over 18 months ago, demonstrated the power of Windows 10 and gave us a glimpse into what he does and how he works on a day-to-day basis.

Using Delve -- an Office 365 app which automatically tracks a user's activities throughout the week by monitoring calendars, emails and the other productivity tools -- Nadella showed the audience that last week he spent a total of 16 hours in meetings, well within his goal of under 20 hours per week.

Satya Nadella iPhone Pro
Satya Nadella shows an analytics page from the "Delve" app, which computes how much time he spends on specific tasks each week. David Gilbert

Nadella failed to meet his goal of spending less than nine hours per week on emails, clocking up 9.6 hours in the past seven days. He also fell short on the time he wanted to spend focusing -- which he described simply as "time for work." Nadella considered himself "focused" for only two hours last week, just half of his assigned goal.

One doesn't become the head of a $440 billion company just by sticking to a 9-to-5 schedule, and Nadella showed this by working eight hours outside of typical work hours last week, over 50 percent more than his goal of five overtime hours per week.

iPhone Pro

To show just how open the company has become to other platforms, Nadella showed off an iPhone running a host of Microsoft’s apps, including OneNote, Outlook and Office. Dubbing the device an “iPhone Pro” -- a term he had jokingly coined at a Dreamforce conference in September -- Nadella pointed out that this was not his personal phone. Speaking about the Outlook email app on Apple's device, Nadella said: "Outlook on your iPhone is the best email client for both Exchange and Gmail."

Nadella revealed that his personal phone was the new Lumia 950 XL -- due to go on sale on Nov. 20 -- which was filled with even more Microsoft apps. Nadella demoed 'Wunderlist' -- a list-making and collaboration tool, which is among his favorites. In a list titled "Homework," Nadella listed various tasks, including: "brainstorm global tour, remind CIOs to upgrade, write up Hololens note and prep personal story."

Nadella also showed off the Continuum feature of the Lumia 950 XL, which allows users to plug phones into a monitor, connect to a Bluetooth keyboard and have a full-fledged PC experience. Finally Nadella showed a Surface Pro 4 in action, which allowed him to log in using facial recognition with the Windows Hello feature.

Nadella did not, however, demo the company’s new Surface Book tablet/laptop device, as it reportedly still has significant technical issues and has yet to receive an official release date.