Microsoft has confirmed Friday the release candidate of the near-final version of Windows 7 beginning next week April 30.

Subscribers to Microsoft's MSDN and TechNet developer programs will be able to download the release candidate on Thursday, Microsoft Windows 7 manager Brandon Le Blanc said in the official Window’s blog, with plans to make it broadly, others can users can get the a copy starting May 5.

The build 7100 of Windows 7 presumed to be the RC version which has file-sharing services and a rumor says that the release candidate was already given to soem testers but no confirmation has been made. Windows 7 rumors say it will also feature the Virtual PC technology and the Windows XP applications that could run in the XP environment.

Microsoft decline to reveal the final release date, but the new RC was expected to be the last public milestone before Microsoft finalizes the code for the new operating system.