edge extensions
Microsoft Edge currently lacks extension support, but a new webpage suggests this may not be the case for much longer. Microsoft

Microsoft's new browser may soon be getting support for extensions. A leaked page revealed Wednesday showed beta testers may soon get access to Reddit and Pinterest extensions for Microsoft Edge.

Edge, which launched with Windows 10 in July, was heavily criticized for not supporting extensions, browser additions that Safari and Chrome support. Extensions support for the Windows 10 browser was expected to launch with the update codenamed "Threshold 2," but when it arrived in November support was nowhere to be seen.

Twitter user h0x0d discovered a Microsoft preview site Wednesday aimed at beta testers that accidentally went live early. The page announces the launch of Edge extensions, but the build number has been replaced with some placeholder text, a clear sign the site was not ready for public consumption.

One of the extensions listed is Reddit Enhancement Suite, a popular series of tools and tweaks for browsing Reddit on the desktop. Features include the ability to subscribe to comment threads, fast account switching, scrolling that automatically loads the following page and live comment preview.

Word on a version for Edge stretches surfaced in April when author honestbleeps hinted strongly on the dedicated subreddit that the team was working on an Edge extension in cooperation with Microsoft. In July, honestbleeps confirmed the team was planning an Edge extension, but could not commit to a firm date.

The unfinished site shows Pinterest and Reddit Enhancement Suite extensions, but it is not clear whether the extensions are the developer's own versions or versions created by Microsoft. User honestbleeps explained in July that Microsoft used its own version of Reddit Enhancement Suite for an on-stage demonstration of Edge, highlighting the ease with which Chrome extensions can be ported over.