Microsoft has seen an 8 percent unique user’s increased on its Bing search engine since its launch a month ago.

The firm's internal data shows that Bing has gained unique users which the company said people are trying Bing and spreading the word about it.

This is an important metric to us because we think it speaks to Bing’s ability to meet your needs, be they for general purpose searching or for searches to help you make smarter decisions in one or more of our four focus areas of shopping, travel, health and local, Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of the online audience business group at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post.

The re-launched of its search engine business has received a lot feedback. Microsoft's new search engine Bing has achieved impressive traffic growth according to different statistic companies.

Now, Microsoft made their own statistics measures based on consumers, advertisers, webmasters and developers.

“When evaluating progress, we measure ourselves on how we are helping each of our key audiences – consumers, advertisers, webmasters and developers,” Mehdi wrote. We’re gratified to report that there has been some great interest in trying out Bing and that those experiences are yielding positive results! We saw 8 percent growth in unique users to in June.”

Bing Shopping also gains three times traffic during the month while Bing Travel has increased its traffic by 90 percent. Webmaster and Developer who sign up to use Bing API was also doubled to more than 11,000 since it’s launched.

In addition, Microsoft also reported the number of people recommending the Search Engine.

Based on our own polling, we have also seen the number of people 'likely to recommend' Bing double in our debut month', Mehdi wrote.