• A Benchmark listing reveals that a new Surface Go model is in the works
  • The new Surface Go 2 is expected to feature significant improvements to the first model
  • It is expected to sell for $399 when launched later in Spring

While Microsoft's upcoming dual-screened devices, the Surface Duo and Surface Neo, continue to get attention, one particular device that seems to have been left behind is the Surface Go.

Microsoft launched its first Surface go almost two years ago in 2018, and found its place as a portable and cheaper alternative to the more powerful Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, Forbes noted. It wasn't as powerful as its other brothers, but had enough computing power for browsing, email, music, Office 365, social media and video playback.

The Surface Go, with its waterproofing and bonded screen, also proved to be a useful enterprise tool for use on a factory floor, as a point-of sale device or as a tool for field documentation.

Despite its usefulness in a variety of fields and its affordability, the $399 Surface Go remains a weaker device compared to most, especially newer and refreshed models. Its base 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage seems wanting, and needs to be updated to keep up with today's demands.

A new Surface Go

Thankfully, it appears that Microsoft is already working on a new model that will succeed the 2018 unit. A Benchmark listing (via Windows Latest) reveals that a new Surface Go 2 model, equipped with new and more powerful specs compared to the first model, is come.

The listing reveals that there will be two Surface Go 2 variants. Both of these will feature Intel's Core m3-8100Y CPU, have 8GB of RAM and offer 128GB of SSD storage. The main difference between the two will be their connectivity options: one is Wi-Fi only while the other is LTE + Wi-Fi.

These specs indicate that the Surface Go 2 will be significantly more powerful than the first Surface Go. The Core m3-8100Y CPU, for one, is expected to offer better computing abilities as well as better battery improvements over the older model.

The Surface Go 2 is expected to feature minimal design changes, if any. It is expected to feature a 10-inch display, thick bezels, as well as the same magnesium-alloy finish that the first Surface Go had. Those who liked the first model, then, will appreciate how the successor looks like.

Microsoft is expected to sell the Surface Go 2 at $399 once it launches at a Spring event this year.

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