Microsoft entered the European health care market starting with offering Amalga health care software.

Microsoft made the announcement during the ChohnIT health care show on Wednesday in Berlin.

Amalga is one of Microsoft's new software fields, with many components covering everything from handling patient care record to tracking research projects and finance department tasks.

The new software will be used in clinics and will be used to extract data from other health care systems and software used by hospitals, put it into a database and then present it in an intelligent way for easy interpretation by medical professionals.

Microsoft aims at giving doctors a faster way to compile the information they need to treat patients and speed up hospital administration.

Microsoft said Amalga has a capacity to manage more than 40T bytes of live data and quickly respond to queries.

Microsoft also has a version of Amalga for emerging markets and Amalga Hospital Information System, which has features like bed management, human resources and picture archiving for radiology.

The picture archiving feature is offered as a stand-alone system called Amalga Radiology Information System and Picture Archiving and Communication System.