Surface Phone Windows 10 Mobile
A leaked internal email says Microsoft is committed to smartphones for the foreseeable future and has "next generation products" in development. Jung Yeon-Je/Getty Images

Ready to see the next Lumia smartphone? Surface Pro? Or maybe a Microsoft fitness tracker? Microsoft is hosting a major media event Tuesday, Oct. 6, when it is expected to launch all kinds of new hardware designed for its Windows 10 mobile operating system.

The Redmond, Washington, company has given little away about what's in store, simply saying: “We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices.” The event, which is being held in New York, is expected to see CEO Satya Nadella address the media in what is seen as a crucial event in the early days of Windows 10, and in particular the smartphone credentials of the new software.

What time is the Windows 10 event taking place?

The event will kick off at 10 a.m. EDT in New York City and is scheduled to last an hour or so. Here are local times for cities around the world:

- San Francisco - 7 a.m.
- Dallas - 9 a.m.
- New York - 10 a.m.
- Buenos Aires - 11 a.m.
- London - 3 p.m.
- Amsterdam - 4 p.m.
- Jerusalem - 5 p.m.
- Bangkok - 9 p.m.
- Hong Kong - 10 p.m.
- Seoul - 11 p.m.
- Sydney - 1 a.m. (Wednesday)

Will there be a live stream?

Microsoft has confirmed it will stream the event online for everyone to watch. The live stream will be available at Microsoft's own website when the event kicks off.

What should we expect?

Lumia 950/950 XL -- The flagship devices for Windows 10 Mobile. The specs already have leaked thanks to an "accidental" posting on Microsoft's U.K. website last week, though release date and pricing are still to be announced.

Surface Pro 4 -- The latest version of Microsoft's laptop-replacement tablet series is expected to remain close to its predecessor in terms of style, but will get a significant upgrade internally with Intel's newest chips. Face recognition and fingerprint sensor remain possibilities.

Band 2 -- The successor to the poorly received original fitness tracker from Microsoft promises a complete redesign to feature a curved screen as well as metal construction rather than just plastic.

Microsoft Band 2 Leaked Image
The Microsoft Band 2 will feature a curved screen, metallic surround and rubber strap, according to this leaked image. Microsoft Insider

Windows 10 -- Expect to hear a lot about the rate of upgrades to Windows 10, which, considering it is a free upgrade for most users, should be impressive. Microsoft also could announce dates for updates to its platform.

Surface Phone -- File this one under possibility rather than probability, but Microsoft is said to be working on a smartphone version of its Surface tablet with the same industrial design.

Bigger Surface Pro -- With the iPad Pro and Pixel C looking to grab some of the Surface's market share, Microsoft is rumored to be ready to launch a 14-inch Surface Pro tablet alongside the regular Surface. Expect beefed up internals to go with the bigger display.