Microsoft is getting ready to hold a Windows 10 and Surface event in New York City later this month. The software giant is expected to make some Xbox-related announcements at the event, along with announcing new Surface hardware and details on the company’s next Windows 10 software update.

Microsoft also appears to be getting ready for a ton of new Surface-branded PC accessories. Windows Central reports that Microsoft will launch a Surface-branded version of its Designer Bluetooth Desktop kit, along with a Surface keyboard and a Surface mouse. All accessories are designed to work with desktop PCs and will be expected to launch later this month.

Just last year, Microsoft revealed its Windows 10 laptop, the Surface Book. The company also unveiled a new Surface Pro 4 and the Band 2.

There have been numerous rumors that Microsoft is getting ready to release new Surface Phones as well as updates to the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. There’s also rumors that Holo Lens, Xbox Project Scorpio game console, and Windows PCs will be at the event. Xbox’s Project Scorpio will support 4K gaming and will feature six teraflops of power. It will also support gaming in virtual reality, Xbox head Phil Spencer said at Microsoft’s E3 press event in Los Angeles.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Surface event will be held in New York City on Oct. 26 at 10 a.m. ET.