Microsoft Windows 7 pre order starts June 26th until July 11th in the United States and Canada. Japan is also included on the list for June 26 pre order release but will end earlier on July 5TH or while supplies last.

Microsoft cut off almost 50 percent of its new OS pre order price. Windows 7 Home Premium pre order release exclusive in United States, Canada and Japan are USD $49.99 and Windows 7 Professional for USD $99.99.

Residents of the UK, France and Germany can start pre ordering the new OS by 15th of July until 14th of August or until supplies last. These deals are for a limited time only at this point.

Prices may differ on some other countries; Microsoft hasn’t yet release any details about pricing of the program offered to other countries.

General availability of all version of Windows 7 will hit the counter on October 22nd of this year.