The console wars just keep going on. Following the reveal of a few key specs belonging to the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5, a new report claims that Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One successor will be more advanced and more powerful than the PS5.

Last Week, Sony’s Mark Cerny, the person responsible for the development of the highly anticipated PS5 console, surprised the gaming world by revealing the breathtaking specs the upcoming gaming behemoth features.

Cerny said the PS5 will feature high AMD Ryzen chips, a custom GPU based on the Radeon’s Navi chips, and a custom piece that will provide support for 3D audio. These specs paint the picture of an incredibly immersive gaming experience that can be described as featuring amazing graphics and audio.

He also said the PS5 will feature support for 8K resolution, and will be compatible with PS VR. The PS5, Cerny adds, is backwards compatible, which means older titles can be played on the console.

What’s more, Cerny said the PS5 will make use of solid state drives for faster loading times, resulting in a more seamless gameplay.

ComicBook notes that with an SSD installed, the PS5 is capable of more than 19x faster load times compared to the PS4. Cerny demonstrated this by playing “Spider-man” on both PS4 and PS5 consoles, and the results are stunning: a 15-second load time on the PS4 diminishes to a less-than-a-second load time on the PS5.

With all these specs, it’s hard to imagine how other gaming systems can top the PS5. Rumors, however, say Microsoft’s upcoming console, codenamed Xbox Scarlett, is going to be more powerful than that.

Seasoned Gaming Founder and Head Editor Ainsley Bowden tweeted a post saying the Xbox “Anaconda,” as the Xbox Scarlett is also called, will be more advanced than the PS5. Bowden didn’t name his sources, but he said they are “very reliable and have been accurate for years on leaks.”

Of course, the news is exciting. This, however, doesn’t mean the Xbox Two, as it’s also called, will sell more units than the PS5. TechSpot noted how the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4, but is lagging in sales compared to the latter. And with Cerny saying the PS5 will be sold at an “appealing” price, we can only wait to find out.

Xbox One X
As we inch closer to the release date of both next generation gaming consoles, more details on their major features surfaced online. Microsoft claims Xbox Scarlett has this feature that the Sony PlayStation 5 does not have. Microsoft