Palestinian jockeys ride Arabian horses in the Palestinian championships at an equestrian club in Jericho
Palestinian jockeys ride Arabian horses in the Palestinian championships at an equestrian club in the West Bank city of Jericho January 27, 2012. Two Arab Israeli jockeys also took part in the race. REUTERS

Horse races are always fun to watch, even if no money is involved, and every four years, one of our two major political parties participates in a usually futile horse race. Americans are fed daily updates on who said what and on the ever fluctuating poll numbers.

It is an exciting activity for about half of our population, and it becomes very easy to believe that what is happening in the good old U.S. of A. is all that matters, since we've been the center of the universe for so long.

But, as Bob Dylan sang in one of his popular hits, ...the times, they are a-changin'.

It would wise to keep an eye on Middle Eastern events, even though they not be as stimulating as the Santorum/Romney race. Recently, Saudi Arabia announced that when (not if) Iran gets a nuclear bomb, the Saudis will also.

No, they won't spend months or years developing a nuclear capability. They are not even being deceptive about their dire need for nuclear energy. The nation of Saudi Arabia will purchase ready-made atomic bombs from North Korea.

Well, isn't that interesting? Why would they do that?

The Muslim world is a deeply divided community of predominantly Shia and Sunni nations.

When Mohammad died, there was an almost immediate split between his followers that has never healed. Even though, to the world at large, the OPEC nations and rest of the Muslim countries appear united, there is deep animosity and distrust prevalent throughout the region.

Publicly, all Muslim nations will say that Israel better leave Iran alone. Privately, however, when the cameras and microphones are off, the leaders of many Muslim countries will say what they actually believe: It would be grand to see Iran's nuclear program stopped in its tracks.

Saudi Arabia's leaders hold that position. They are Sunni Muslims who are well aware that they are on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's hit list; the Saudis are in possession of Islam's two most sacred sites: Mecca and Medina.

Shia Muslims continually chafe at the very thought of those two jewels being in Sunni hands. As soon as, or maybe before, the Little Satan (Israel) is taken care of, the pompous leaders of Saudi Arabia will be removed from power.

North Koreans are going through an extremely difficult winter and would certainly appreciate the desperately needed revenue from Saudi Arabia. Food and medical supplies may be scarce, but atomic bombs are plentiful.

Under normal circumstances, the West would take some action against North Korea, but the Chinese are on record as saying, North Korea is as close to China as our teeth are to our gums. Verbal protests may occur, but there will be no actual activities against the North Koreans.

Once Saudi Arabia has nukes, of course, others may feel the need to follow suit.

My, doesn't this old world just keep getting more interesting all the time?

And, oh, have you noticed none of the candidates are discussing this certain to be foreign policy situation?

Walt Osterman is the author of Not Home Yet: A Tale Concerning Israel's Rebirth. He served in Vietnam and is a Bronze Star recipient. He lives in Wyoming.