A 14-year-old suspect has been apprehended following the discovery of a 10-year-old Wisconsin girl’s body, according to a district attorney in the state.

Iliana "Lily" Peters' father reported her missing Sunday when she didn't come home following a visit to her aunt's house. Investigators later found her bike in the woods near her aunt's residence, and her body was subsequently identified in the area Monday.

The suspect, who investigators say was known to the victim, was arrested Tuesday and faces three charges, according to District Attorney Wade Newell -- first-degree sexual assault, first-degree sexual assault of a child below the age of 13, and first-degree intentional homicide.

Attorney Karl Schmidt asserts that the defendant, his client, is not a flight risk as he "cannot drive" and "is not in a position to raise much money... on his own." Police Chief Matthew Kelm reiterated to reporters that there isn't "any danger to the community at this time."

According to CNN, the suspect made it clear to law enforcement officials that he had aimed "from the get-go" to murder and rape the victim.