The death of Mikey Welsh has roused controversy as the former bassist for Weezer was found dead in his Chicago hotel room, where drugs were also found, on Saturday, exactly the way he predicted two weeks ago on Twitter.

On Sept. 26, Welsh tweeted: dreamt i died in chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). need to write my will today.

He later wrote: correction - the weekend after next.

While the cause of death has not been determined, pending toxicology tests that could take up to six weeks, police are suspecting Welsh's death was due to a drug overdose, since the Chicago Tribune reported police found prescription drugs in the hotel room along with a bad containing white power, suspected to be heroin.

According to Chicago police spokesman Darryl Baety, police found Welsh unresponsive and not breathing in his room at the Raffaello Hotel. Police were prompted to search the hotel room as Welsh was due to check out an hour before he was discovered.

Welsh was in Chicago with plans to attend his former band's show at RIOTfest on Sunday night, according to Weezer.

Mikey Welsh left Weezer in 2001 after suffering from a nervous breakdown from prolonged drug use. Welsh told Rock Plum Salt in 2007 that he sought out psychiatric help following his exit from the band at age 30 after attempting to commit suicide.

Basically, a lifetime of doing drugs and being undiagnosed as having disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder finally caught up with me when I was 30 years old, Welsh told Rock Plum Salt.

Welsh delineated life as he spiraled down to eventually suffering from an overdose.

At the beginning of a three-month European tour with Weezer, I started slowly falling apart...My weight had gone down to about 140lbs (I'm 6'2) [63.5 kilograms - 1.85 meters] and mentally completely wiped out.

During his final days with Weezer as they prepped for a performance on The Tonight Show, Welsh had a complete nervous breakdown.

It ended with a severe suicide attempt (an overdose), he said. I was found and rushed to the hospital where I had come to within minutes of my heart completely stopping. I was in a coma for a few days, and woke up in a lockdown psychiatric ward.

Following reports of the death of Mikey Welsh, Karl Koch of Weezer posted a statement to the band's Web site.

It saddens me and the guys in Weezer so much to say that our beautiful, creative, hilarious and sweet friend Mikey Welsh has passed away at the very young age of 40, Koch wrote. A unique talent, a deeply loving friend and father, and a great artist is gone, but we will never forget him. His chapter in the Weezer story ('98 - '01) was vital, essential, wild, and amazing. We will miss him terribly. Our deepest heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends. The world has lost a truly one of a kind guy.

Mikey Welsh has established a second, prolific career painting for himself after leaving Weezer a glorious flowering of a talent he always possessed, according to Koch.

A memorial will be held in honor of Mikey Welsh on Saturday in his hometown, Burlington, Vt.