Miley Cyrus has given fans the “best of both worlds” by reuniting Hannah Montana with her best friend Lily.

In Cyrus’s new Instagram Live talk show “Bright Minded: Live with Miley,” she chatted with a special guest, her friend and former “Hannah Montana” co-star Emily Osment.

“Me and you haven’t really gotten to spend much time together, and now’s not gonna be the time because we are all quarantined in our house,” Cyrus said. “And so I’m just really happy that we are getting to connect through the show.”

After nearly 10 years since “Hannah Montana” ended, Cyrus and Osment are finally connecting for the first time publicly, BuzzFeed reported.

Much to fans delight, they reminisced about their Disney days when Cyrus began showing Osment photos of the two on set and at photoshoots throughout the years.

“That’s an Ann Taylor top on me,” Osment said, referencing one of their earlier season shoots. “We look like we’re going to church,” Cyrus added.

Now at ages 27 (Cyrus) and 28 (Osment), the pair took some time to reflect on what it was like to work in an industry and on a TV show at such a young age when they didn’t know what to expect.

In a photo from one of their first promo shoots in Season 1, Osment said she remembered “the day being much longer than anyone warned us it would be,” and Cyrus jokingly replied, “I remember that was kind of our life for eight years — it being longer than we thought.”

Near the end of the show, Cyrus made sure to mention Osment’s own music career by giving a shout-out to her band Bluebiird.

“Thank you so much,” Cyrus said. “Your music is bad [expletive]. Thanks for what you do with animals.”

Cyrus and Osment also spent a good portion of the live talk discussing animal rights and encouraging people to support their local animal shelters or to foster a pet if they are financially and mentally capable.

“I’m just excited that we could bring our puppies together and that we could, like, bring some awareness to people with puppies,” Cyrus said.

Both Osment and Cyrus held up their dogs to the camera at one point so that fans could see their faces before signing off. Watch the full video below:

hannah montana reunion
There was a “Hannah Montana” reunion recently. Disney Channel