Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who are now engaged, have been a steady romantic item since 2009, but a juicy new piece of gossip circulating the Internet claims that someone came between the couple. That person is reportedly Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.

DListed, a popular celebrity gossip website, reported on a blind item from Blind Gossip, which read:

These two young stars costarred in one of the biggest movies of the year and everyone speculated that they had an affair. But that's only half right. The female lead DID have an on set fling - but not with her costar - with her costar's GIRLFRIEND when she came to visit! Ironically, the girlfriend is also a major star but she wouldn't let her hunky boyfriend join in the fun. Both women are bisexual and he's straight.

The two young costars are reportedly Lawrence and Hemsowrth and the costar's girlfriend is presumed to be none other than 19-year-old Cyrus.

But even DListed's Michael K is skeptical about the Lawrence-Cyrus hook-up gossip.

Jennifer Lawrence seems like a smart h- with a brain that will turn on a flashing red siren if something doesn't seem like a good idea, he wrote. So because of this, I refuse to believe this is Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. If it is supposed to about those three, then I refuse to believe it's true.

Others thing that it might just be too crazy to be untrue.

If you Google 'Is Miley Cyrus bisexual?', you get plenty of Yahoo! Answer threads obsessing over her sexuality, wrote Crushable's Natalie Zutter. On the more legitimate end of the spectrum, last year she jokingly switched the lyrics of 'Fly on the Wall' to say she was flirting with girls, and allegedly kissed a female dancer while performing Can't Be Tamed. Furthermore, Crazy Days and Nights claimed that Miley experimented with one of her lesbian co-stars while filming a movie in 2010.

The outlier in the equation seems to be Lawrence. The 21-year-old might be a superstar now thanks to her Hunger Games fame, but she flies relatively under the radar, quietly dating British actor, Nicholas Hoult.

The only thing that keeps me from fully believing this is that Jennifer seems way too classy to be fooling around with her co-stars' significant others, added Zutter. But Miley Cyrus experimenting with Liam's female co-stars? That half of the story I buy. 

If the rumor is true, it could cause some major tension on set. 

We wouldn't blame Miley for wanting to hook up with Katniss - she's enough to make anyone consider switching teams, wrote VHMiley 1's Sabrina Rojas Weiss. But based on how adorably chummy JLaw, Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson were on the set and in interviews after the fact, we have a really hard time believing Jen would jeopardize that relationship. Especially given the fact that they have to make three more movies together and hooking up with Miley would make things rather awkward.

Odds are this Jennifer-Miley-Liam love triangle is just another piece of fluff stuff caught in the rumor mill.