As if dealing with her father’s suicide and being a teenager wasn’t enough, things are going to get more and more complicated for Sophie Dixon on ABC’s “A Million Little Things.”

In an interview with International Business Times, Sophie’s portrayer, Lizzy Greene, revealed that bombshells regarding her new baby sister, Charlie, and potential new half-brother, PJ (Chandler Riggs) are going to cause her character some definite new levels of torment.

“I think it’s going to be a roller coaster ride, her relationship with some people,” Greene told IBT.

Thus far in Season 2, Sophie was growing closer to PJ, who she met when the gang assembled to try and find Colin for Gary (James Roday). The two seemed to hit it off and she thought there might be more—but was shocked when PJ turned down her attempt at furthering things. What she doesn’t know is he has suspicions that her father, Jon (Ron Livingston) is also his, something that a secret DNA test has since seemed to prove accurate. With the truth set to come out about the test and the potential connection in the mid-season finale, things are going to start being shaky for Sophie as a result.

“If she ever finds out, it would be a large bombshell!” Greene said. “She would take it incredibly hard because it’s another one of the secrets that her dad had been keeping from her if that is the case.”

A Million Little Things -Lizzy Greene
Lizzy Greene reveals what’s next for Sophie after she learns her parents’ secrets on “A Million Little Things.” ABC/Jack Rowand

However, the truth about her new little sister—and the fact that she is actually Eddie’s (David Giuntoli) daughter—is also threatening exposure, and while another one of Jon’s potential secrets could send Sophie reeling, knowing about her mother’s lies may just make everything too much for Sophie to bear.

“She found a new common ground with her mother and she grew so close to her...she became everything to her especially after her father died,” Greene told IBT of the relationship Sophie and Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) have formed since Season One, before admitting that the secrets will take their toll. “If or when Sophie finds out about this, she’s going to lose her mother in a way that she didn’t think was a way where she’s not going to feel like a motherly figure to her anymore because of all of the lies she kept from her.”

Greene also teased that the fact that her mother—and the rest of the adults for that matter—kept such a huge secret is going to have some big repercussions going forward.

“...We’re going to see a different side of Sophie,” she teased. “We’re going to see her rebel and just kind of lose her place in the family and even just in life because everything she thought she knew was a lie...after all that she’s gone through, she’s going to struggle.”

“A Million Little Things” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.