The amber alert for two-year-old Noelani Robinson continues, although her father who is suspected to have kidnapped her, was arrested from Milwaukee on Wednesday.

Dariaz Higgins, 34, had allegedly shot dead the girl's mother Sierra Robinson on Monday morning before fleeing with the girl. Sierra, 24, was shot outside a residence in Milwaukee where she had come to pick up her daughter from Higgins, her ex-boyfriend.  Another woman also was injured in the shooting, under unclear circumstances.

Noelani was not with Dariaz when he was arrested. The Milwaukee police was investigating a tip that the child may be in Minnesota or Ann Arbor, Michigan.

An amber alert was issued for Noelani who was last seen with Higgins in Milwaukee. He was driving a 2014 black Cadillac at the time.

Milwaukee police said Higgins was arrested near Timmerman Airport on Wednesday afternoon, and another person has also been arrested for aiding a fugitive, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.

“The Milwaukee Police Department continues to use all available resources to find Noelani,” the police said.

According to the Milwaukee County court records, Higgins was charged with “first-degree intentional homicide with a deadly weapon” and “first-degree recklessly endangering the safety of another with a deadly weapon.”

Noelani, who is missing for over 48 hours, was described as a 2-foot tall girl weighing about 30 pounds. She was black, with black hair and brown eyes.

“If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Noelani Robinson, please notify your local police department or call 911,” the Milwaukee police tweeted.

Higgins was earlier arrested in Las Vegas in 2013 for sex trafficking. During police interrogation he admitted to have used women as prostitutes and taken their money, Las Vegas Now reported.