• Stephen Colbert said he felt like an assassin when he walked in on Mindy Kaling without knowing that she was half-naked
  • Kaling jokingly said she felt like Meghan Markle with the way her team protected her from Colbert during the awkward encounter
  • "The Mindy Project" star also joked that she wished she had worn a sexier bra when Colbert surprisingly walked into her dressing room 

Mindy Kaling and Stephen Colbert spoke about the incident when he accidentally walked in on her not fully dressed while she was preparing for his show.

Kaling appeared on "The Late Show" Wednesday to talk about the second season of her Netflix show "Never Have I Ever." During the interview, Stephen Colbert apologized to Kaling for an awkward moment when he walked into her dressing room while she was still changing. The latter joked about feeling like a royal with the way her team protected her.

"No, it was entirely my fault," Colbert was quoted by People as saying about the awkward incident. "I should have knocked and waited. But your team was great. They hurled themselves in front of you like I was an assassin! I couldn't have seen anything if I wanted to."

"They did! I felt like Meghan Markle! They were like, 'You will not pass!' They were really— like you had bad intentions. It's still Stephen Colbert," Kaling said while laughing.

The host brought up the awkward incident backstage to apologize to Kaling. The 42-year-old comedienne just laughed it off and even joked that she wished she had worn a sexier bra.

"Now, I'd also like to apologize for earlier," Colbert said.

Kaling said she didn’t know that the host would bring up the incident. So, she went on and shared what exactly happened.

"So, I was backstage getting changed, and I was just in, like, a pair of pants and my bra," she said.

Colbert explained that he usually knocks and waits when he visits his guests. However, at the time, he knocked and popped the door open, so he saw Kaling half-naked. But "The Mindy Project" star just joked about the awkward incident.

"I don't have any clothes on, and I just thought the whole time, 'I wish I had worn a sexier bra.' Because, it was like, you know, he works hard," she said, making the audience laugh. "I was wearing like a gray— I have a 10 month old! It was like a gray bra, just sad, you know? ... Who's fault is it though? Is it the person who doesn't lock the door? I should have locked the door, right?"

Colbert laughed and jokingly told Kaling, "That's very thoughtful of you." The host also warned his guests to "take my feelings into account when I walk in on them undressed."

Mindy Kaling oscar party 2018
Mindy Kaling attends the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images