The body of a man who went missing on New Year's Eve was discovered Sunday, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

Alex Laird Holden, 25, an employee at Amazon, was last seen leaving downtown Sacramento around 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 31, according to his girlfriend. Police found the body near the American River and have ruled out foul play. A cause of death has not been released.

“Our preliminary investigation leads us to believe that it’s [Holden],” Officer Karl Chan said in a statement. Chan also said Holden’s missing person case has been classified as closed.

"We’re glad that his family at least finally has some closure and can begin the healing process for now," said Chan.

The body will be officially identified by the coroner’s office. Chan said that identification was made based on appearance and that the body matched Holden’s description “for sure.”

It is unknown if the body was found with any identifying documents. 

“There were no signs of foul play and the investigation was turned over to the coroner,” police confirmed. “As with any death investigation the coroner will release identity information after protocols have been followed.”

An unidentified female body was found in the same rough area as Holden. Chan said that there is no substantial evidence linking the two bodies.

Holden's father, Calvin Holden, gave a brief comment confirming the recovery of his son.

“Yes, it is true,” he said in a statement to the News-Leader in Missouri. “Alex was a great, caring, compassionate person.”

Alex Holden was a native of Missouri. Both of his parents, Calvin Holden and Margaret Palmietto, are judges in Greene County, Missouri.

Alex Holden, a native of Springfield, Missouri, had lived in Sacramento for two years, according to his father. His family said he had no history behavior that would lead to disappearances.

missing In this photo a teenager volunteers and hands out flyers for a missing boy. Photo: Getty Images