Crime Tape
A representational image of a crime scene. Getty Images/ Christopher Furlong

Search warrants made public in the ongoing investigation into the death of the missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth shed more light into her fiancé Patrick Frazee's abusive behavior. According to the records, cited by Daily Mail, Frazee almost lost custody of his daughter just hours after she was born, following an abusive tirade directed at hospital workers.

"Cheryl (Kelsey's mother) shared a story regarding the birth of Kaylee. Kaylee was born three weeks early and required special medical care," read the warrant. "That special medical care prevented Kelsey from having Kaylee in her hospital bed... Patrick was very upset about this because he believed the first few hours of birth needed to be spent with mother and father for bonding purposes."

Cheryl said that Patrick was not convinced that the child had to be immediately put in an incubator. He became "verbally abusive with the nursing staff that Social Services was notified... Kaylee was removed from the care of Patrick and Kelsey until a safety evaluation could be done to determine if Kelsey was being physically abused by Patrick."

Kelsey's mother added that Patrick said he should have "killed" the nurse later, and even joked about the incident at his daughter's first birthday.

The latest detail was part of the search warrants released by Woodland Park, Colorado, police against Frazee on Thursday. The documents revealed investigators were able to recover several pairs of jeans, an envelope of teeth and a sheet that may have had blood on it from Frazee’s home.

In addition, a handwritten note was found in Frazee’s residence, which listed the people he wanted to care for his one-year-old daughter if he was to be taken into custody by the police. Frazee was charged with first-degree murder, solicitation to commit first-degree murder, and tampering with a body in the death of Berreth.

The murder accused is currently fighting for the custody of his daughter, who is under the care of her mother's family. A wrongful death lawsuit has also been filed against Frazee. However, Frazee's legal team claimed that Colorado’s wrongful death statute clearly states that the Berreths have no standing to make a legal claim based on the alleged wrongful death of the mother-of-one.

In February, gruesome details emerged as to how Frazee allegedly killed Berreth, her remains were yet to be found. The 32-year-old was accused of beating Berreth to death with a baseball bat and then burning her remains on his ranch on Thanksgiving Day. Authorities are digging through a quarter-acre of the Midway Landfill in Fountain, Colorado, in hopes of finding the charred remains of Berreth’s body.