A judge determined in court on Tuesday that Patrick Frazee, the fiancé of missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth, would stand trial. At the same time, new grizzly details were released about the speculated death of Berreth.

Berreth, 29, who disappeared on Thanksgiving Day, was allegedly murdered by Frazee. He is being charged with first-degree murder and three counts of solicitation to commit first-degree murder as well as charges of tampering with a deceased body and two charges of committing a crime of violence.

As early as September 2018, Frazee had solicited Idaho nurse Krystal Lee Kenney at least three times to kill Berreth by drugging her coffee and by beating her with a metal pipe, according to his affidavit.

On the day that Berreth went missing, she and Frazee met to exchange their daughter outside her Woodland Park, Colorado, home. At this time, Frazee told investigators that he had returned some of Berreth’s personal belongings, including a handgun, keys, and other items. These items have yet to be recovered by investigators.

Investigators believe that Frazee allegedly killed Berreth in her apartment. A person that matched Frazee’s appearance was seen entering the apartment on a neighbor’s surveillance camera. Here, investigators think this is when Frazee took control of Berreth’s cell phone.

When Frazee was in Berreth’s apartment, he is speculated to have blindfolded her and asked her to smell scented candles, where he then allegedly beat her to death with a baseball bat.

Court documents state Frazee had told Kenney what he had done and had enlisted her help to cover up the crime. Frazee told Kenney to come to Colorado because she “had a mess to clean up.” Kenney, who is testifying against Frazee in a plea deal with investigators for her role in the incident, understood when she received the call from Frazee that it meant Berreth had been killed.

After killing Berreth, Frazee allegedly put her body in a black plastic bin and stored it. Kenney then arrived in Colorado days later, where she told investigators that she had brought supplies to clean up the “mess.”

According to Kenney, the scene at Berreth’s apartment was “horrific.” There was blood “all over the residence,” she said. Kenney also found Berreth’s tooth which Frazee had knocked out when he allegedly beat her, according to Frazee’s affidavit.

Kenney told investigators it took hours to clean Berreth’s apartment, where she wore a full-body suit, gloves, shoe booties, and a hairnet. Kenney also told investigators that she believes that Berreth’s and Frazee’s daughter, Kaylee, was home at the time of the alleged murder.

According to investigators, Kenny had cleaned Berreth’s apartment but had left blood on the fireplace and baby gate “because she was hoping investigators would find it.” This was when Frazee and Kenney went to get Berreth’s body, Frazee’s affidavit says.

Frazee and Kenny took Berreth’s body in the tote to his home, the affidavit reads. The tote was then put in a 100-gallon trough in addition to the bat that Frazee used to beat Berreth and some of her personal items.

Frazee used motor oil, gasoline and wood to burn the contents of the trough except for Berreth’s cell phone, according to the affidavit. Kenney said she never saw Berreth’s body in the tote but believes she may have seen it in the fire as the tote melted.

It is believed by Berreth’s parents that Frazee killed their daughter to obtain full custody of Kaylee.

Kenney was charged with one felony count of evidence tampering for getting rid of Berreth’s phone. She pleaded guilty to the charges.

Berreth’s body has still not been found. A motions hearing has been scheduled for Frazee on March 4 and an arraignment is slated for April 8.