Last Wednesday, Fotis Dulos, ex-husband of missing Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos, had a lot to say in a new segment for "Dateline." The latest interview was conducted before Fotis was arrested for tampering with evidence, in addition to the previous charges he faced in June, and explored both his alleged involvement in Jennifer's May 24 disappearance and the "beautiful life" that he had had with his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis.

According to Daily Mail, Fotis, 52, said that he had never been violent towards his ex-wife, even though she had made claims in court documents that went against that narrative. "There was never, never, never any violence, any abuse in any way," he reportedly told "Dateline" host Dennis Murphy.

Continuing, he said that his belief was that the mother-of-five "just took the children and disappeared. She hired bodyguards and went to New York." He then stated that he believed that Jennifer, 50, was still alive and he's "still hoping that she's going to show up." When directly asked by NBC's Murphy if he truly thought she was alive, he simply replied, "I do."

Fotis also discussed his relationship with his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis. "I would lie to you if I told you that I didn't have a very nice life. I had a beautiful life, I was with somebody that I was completely enamored with, Michelle," he revealed, adding, "And the divorce was the only thing that wasn't a positive in my life and I couldn't wait for it to be over."

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In the aforementioned court documents that the Connecticut mother had filed, she had allegedly said she was terrified of her then-husband and that he had threatened her with what she called "sickening revenge fantasies" if she ever moved forward with a divorce.

As for Fotis' lawyer, Norm Pattis, he said he sees the events similar to the plot of "Gone Girl," sharing that it's not exactly like it, "but it's close." He then said that there's even a consideration that she killed herself. "We don't know," he added.

This new insight comes in the midst of an ongoing investigation regarding the whereabouts of the missing New Canaan, Connecticut mother. Earlier this month, police stated in a 38-page arrest warrant that they had recovered an alibi "script" from the suspect's apartment regarding Fotis' actions on the night Jennifer went missing. Additionally, law enforcement officials are continuing their search in order to locate missing evidence.

Fotis was eventually released on a $500,000 bond and it remains unclear at this time how the case will move forward. As for the home that had been shared by the one-time couple, Jennifer's mother, Gloria Farber, filed to foreclose on the residence.

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