Police in Hawaii have yet to confirm details about possible evidence found near a military base canal that may be linked to Isabella "Ariel" Kalua, a missing 6-year-old girl.   

A photo album and a bag containing slippers and toys were found Thursday at Bellow Air Force Station, a few miles from the Kalua home in Waimanalo. Authorities declined to reveal the contents of the photo album. 

“A photo album was found, but we’re not going to release the information as far as who’s in the photos at this time,” Deena Thoemmes, the Hawaii Police Department Lieutenant, told local news KHON 2, a Fox affiliate in Honolulu.

Authorities said that it could take up to a week to confirm if the items are linked to Kalua’s disappearance. 

“It’s too premature to say whether the items are related to this investigation currently,” Thoemmes said on Friday. “The Honolulu Fire Department search team is assisting us in searching the canal for any other possible items or pieces of evidence that we believe may be related.”

Kalua was last seen asleep in her room on Sunday, Sept. 12, at about 9 p.m. local time.

“I don’t want to say that everyone’s losing hope, but at the same time being realistic at the five days,” the girl's biological aunt Alena Kaeo told KHON 2. “I mean, I don’t know what possible outcome we could have from that. She’s a little girl. I don’t know if she’s out there by herself, could she have survived that five days by herself.”