The body of a Kansas woman who went missing Monday morning was found in Arkansas, police said Wednesday.

Authorities found the body of Sylvia Anne Ussery-Pearson, 49, Tuesday evening in Benton County, Arkansas, after a joint search between the police and the FBI. Investigators were able to find her body due to a note left by her husband, who claimed to have killed her. 

Charles Pearson, 51, the estranged husband of Ussery-Pearson, went to the Country Inn and Suites hotel in Kansas City on Tuesday morning and told staff that he killed his wife. Police in Overland Park, Kansas, had spoken with Pearson on Monday night when he claimed to not know her whereabouts and gave authorities permission to search his vehicle and home. 

"I just murdered my wife. I'm armed and dangerous. I'm headed to the Legends. You better call police," Pearson reportedly told the front desk of the hotel Tuesday morning. The Legends refers to a prominent shopping district in Kansas City. 

The hotel called the police while Pearson returned to his red Masarati and sped away. Pearson was later surrounded by police, allegedly shooting five or six shots with an assault-style rifle before police shot and killed him.

No police or pedestrians were harmed during the incident. 

Overland Park Police said Pearson was a 21-year Army veteran, who served in two tours in Iraq. He reportedly told those close to him that he was suicidal.

Searches had been conducted based on Ussery-Pearson’s cellphone records. Overland Park Police said a search of Pearson's home revealed a note that indicated the location of the body, which was later discovered by Arkansas police. Overland Park is roughly 210 miles from Benton County.