• Two cars were caught on a home surveillance video leaving the area Faye Swetlik, 6, was last seen near on Monday
  • Cayce police released a video showing the two cars, asking for the public's help in identifying the drivers who are wanted for questioning
  • Police have expanded the search area to the surrounding area around Cayce and have asked anyone that isn't law enforcement or a resident to steer clear of the area

Police in Cayce, South Carolina, asked for the public’s help Thursday in identifying one of two suspicious vehicles caught on video the day Faye Swetlik, 6, disappeared.

The Cayce Police Department released a video on its Facebook page Wednesday showing the two vehicles leaving the area Faye was last reportedly seen. Police said a neighbor caught the vehicles leaving on a home security system and turned it over to investigators.

Cayce police said the drivers are being sought for questioning.

One car was described as a silver Chevrolet Trailblazer while the second was a silver Scion sedan. Police said the first car was identified thanks to tips that came in overnight, but they are still seeking more information about the second car and each one’s respective driver.

Cayce Police Sgt. Evan Antley told reporters Wednesday the search area was being expanded to include the surrounding area. He asked anyone who isn’t a resident or aiding in the search to stay away.

“We're still in an active, ongoing investigation,” Antley said. “Sightseers in the neighborhood can potentially slow the investigation down.”

He also cautioned against spreading false information and rumors on social media.

“Rumors that are false could possibly divert valuable resources from our mission of getting Faye home,” Antley said.

Faye was last seen around 3:45 p.m. on Monday after getting home from school. She reportedly was playing in her yard when she disappeared. An Amber alert has not been issued because the case does not meet the criteria.

Faye is 3-foot-10, 65 pounds, with blue eyes and reddish-blonde hair. She was wearing polka dot boots, a floral print skirt and a black T-shirt with neon lining and “PEACE” printed on it when she disappeared. She reportedly has a speech impediment caused by a tethered tongue and is lactose intolerant.