craigslist ad
Anthony Brinkman, 32, allegedly tried to hire somebody through Craigslist to rape and beat his daughter. St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A Missouri man has been arrested after allegedly posting an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to beat and rape his 11-year-old daughter while he watched.

As Gawker reports, police arrested 32-year-old Anthony Brinkman of Cuba, Mo. when he made contact with a female undercover police officer posing as a person responding to the ad.

“It’s just a lot of talk for most of these guys, but this guy actually brought (the girl) to the scene to go ahead with the next step of enacting it,” St. Louis County Detective Mike Slaughter told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “If we hadn’t gotten involved and someone bad had gotten in touch with him, something bad would have happened to that little girl.”

According to the Dispatch, the St. Louis County Police Department became aware of the Craigslist ad when someone clicked “report abuse.” After sending photos of the girl to an undercover officer, Brinkman said he was looking for a female companion to sexually assault his daughter with sex toys.

“Isn’t your first thought, ‘Am I going to get caught?’ and ‘Are people just going to sit by and say this is OK?’” Slaughter said. “But sometimes the Internet gives you a false sense of security."

Brinkman and the undercover officer then agreed on a place to meet. When he showed up at a Cracker Barrel in south St. Louis County with his daughter in tow, when he was arrested.

“From the time he posted that ad to the time we arrested him was less than 48 hours,” Slaughter said.

According to KMOV, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office charged Brinkman with attempted statutory sodomy. He’s in jail on a $100,000 cash-only bond. Prosecutors are also seeking to charge Brinkman with sex trafficking of a minor.

“He said he was sorry and that he was stupid,” Slaughter said. “But you don’t let it go that far if you don’t have intentions.”