Things aren’t looking so good for our favorite blond-haired mistress. In episode 8 of the hit ABC series “Mistresses,” Joss (Jes Macallan) became the authorities number one suspect in the death of Luca (Noam Jenkins) after Calista (Jennifer Esposito) threw her buddy under the bus. Episode 9, titled "Unreliable Source," fill find Joss scrambling to save herself from getting arrested for murder.

When Joss was originally questioned by the police, she told detectives that the reason she was with Luca the night he was mysteriously murdered was because she was trying to catch him in the act of cheating on Calista, a plan that both she and his wife concocted together. However, Calista sang a very different tune when she was crossed examined by officers.

“I’m sorry I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said to officials after getting questioned about the scheme she and the party planner allegedly cooked up.

But Calista’s betrayal only began there. When Joss later met up with the fashion designer, Calista told her “friend” that she wouldn’t admit she was part of the plan to catch Luca being unfaithful because then it would make her look like she had a motive to kill him.

“I am not going down for this because you’re too stupid to keep your mouth shut,” Calista barked.

Now Joss will “scramble to find evidence against Calista,” according to the synopsis for episode 9. But it looks like that will become extremely difficult to do when the shifty designer “twists the story to her benefit,” the summary adds.

Meanwhile, Marc (Rob Mayes) will face his own demons in “Unreliable Source” after indulging in one too many drinks. The bartender was feeling a bit glum in episode 8 after he came to terms with the fact that he could never get a girl like April (Rochelle Aytes). So, Harry (Brett Tucker) gave his sulking friend, who also happens to be a former addict, a cold one. The summary reveals that Harry will help Marc get “back on track” in episode 9 – and maybe the suave Aussie will even help his friend get the girl of his dreams!

That plan might be easier than it seems considering April’s current beau Blair (Brian White) isn’t the man she thought he was. In the previous installment, April witnessed Blair scold her daughter for being on her phone while she was telling a story. She later confronted Blair about how it’s not his place to reprimand her child but he insinuated that he felt the need to step in after April let it slid.

Lastly, Karen (Yunjin Kim) will have another heart-stopping moment at the doctors when she gets “stunning results” from a test she took after feeling under the weather. Could Karen be pregnant? After all, she and Alec (Ed Quinn) did have sex while their third partner Vivian (Sonja Bennet) was away. We can’t even imagine the drama that would come from “the third” getting knocked up by Viv’s husband. If Viv thought she felt “gross” after learning about her husband and Karen's weekend rendezvous, just wait until she sees what happens when her husband has a baby – without her... that is, if Karen really is pregnant.

“Mistresses” will air episode 9 of Season 3 on Thursday, Aug. 6, at 9 p.m. EDT.