Hope you stocked up on wine – and tissues – because you’ll definitely need it when “Mistresses” airs its Season 3 finale on Thursday. According to the promo video for episode 13, titled “Goodbye Girl,” audiences shoyld expect the installment to be full of tears, surprises and a seriously shocking ending. And considering episode 13 will kick off on a pretty eye-widening note, we can’t even image what the ABC series will have in store for fans as the season comes to a close.

A sneak-peek video, obtained by TVLine, reveals that Joss (Jes Macallan) will ditch her bland prison jumpsuit for a form-fitting dress in the upcoming episode. Yep, Joss has been freed from prison! But just because the blond-haired mistress is out of jail doesn’t mean the drama is locked up for good.

The synopsis for “Goodbye Girl” reveals that a “confusing gift” from Joss’ nemesis Calista (Jennifer Esposito) will prompt the curious party planner to search for the person who really killed Luca (Noam Jenkins). We have to admit, we’re interested to see what this “confusing” offering could be since Joss initially told her ex-bestie that she wanted to see her rot in jail. (Calista is the reason Joss was being considered a suspect in Luca’s murder.)

After being released from prison, Joss and her lady friends head straight to lunch to celebrate Joss’ freedom over a glass of wine and a toast. In the speech, Joss thanks both Karen (Kim Yunjin) and April (Rochelle Aytes) for standing by her side (even though the two had issues of their own going on). In fact, Karen’s troubles find their way into their outing when the third member of the thrupple gets an alarming message.

“I think I have to go. Vivian’s (Sonja Bennet) in the hospital. And I think this might be it for her,” she says frazzled. Karen explains to her friends that Alec (Ed Quinn) banned her from visiting his dying wife and now she’s relying on texts from her doctor friends to keep her updated.

In episode 12, Viv told Karen that she was sick again. She then made Karen promise to not tell Alec about her failing liver seeing as though it would ruin his big night out. (Alec was receiving an award for his life’s work and Vivian didn’t want her sickness to interfere with his event.) We have a feeling Alec didn’t take to kindly to the news that Karen lied to him about his wife's health, which is most likely why she was banned from the hospital.

Will Vivian survive? Will Joss track down Luca's real killer? Fans will find out when “Mistresses” airs its Season 3 finale on Thursday, Sept. 3, at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.