Hope you stocked up on wine, because you’ll definitely need a bottle -- or two -- after watching the dramatic two-hour premiere of the hit ABC series “Mistresses.” Just as showrunner Rina Mimoun promised, episode 1 and 2 heavily focused on the disappearance of everyone’s favorite mistress, Savi (Alyssa Milano).

In October 2014 Milano revealed she was leaving the series. This shocking announcement caused fans to question how her character would be written off from the show. But as it turned out, she wasn’t. In fact, the premiere episode centered around Savi -- despite Milano not being physically present in “Gone Girl.”

“It's kind of the point of the first two hours,” Mimoun told TV Guide prior to the premiere. “So for everyone who was worried we would run away from the Savi of it all, we're definitely not. She's part of our show and part of our fabric."

The premiere kicked off just where Season 2 ended: with Joss (Jes Macallan) and Harry (Brett Tucker) rolling around in the sand, partaking in a steamy make-out session. But repeated phone calls from Karen (Yunjin Kim) stops the lovers mid-kiss, which is when Karen reveals the startling news that Scott’s (Justin Hartley) grandmother had just suffered a stroke.

Joss leaves Harry (with his pants still unzipped) behind as she darts toward the wedding that she bailed on. But luckily for the runaway bride, her fiancé blames Joss’ cold feet on the surprise wedding that he sprung on her last minute. But that, my friends, was only the beginning to the chaos that occurred in the premiere.

Things intensified when April (Rochelle Aytes) and Karen started questioning the whereabouts of Savi. She took off before the “wedding” even concluded and they hadn’t seen or heard from her since. This starts a panic amongst the friends as they start theorizing that Savi has gone missing. So, Joss attempts to set the record straight by texting her sister.

“Yo. Where you at?” she writes.

“You are no longer my sister,” Savi replies.

Joss can’t believe what she just read. There’s no way Savi caught Joss kissing her ex-husband, right? After all, Joss was way down the beach with Harry while Savi was waiting with the rest of the wedding goers.

“No she wasn’t,” April confirms, revealing that Savi was helping her try to find Lucy (who had just run away after learning her father had died) by searching the beach.

Joss races to Savi’s house only to find a dark, empty home. She leaves message after message for her sister, but receives no response. It's only after a quick talk with Dom (Jason George), Savi’s ex, that Joss learns her sister quit her job and apparently fled the country.

While Joss feels sick to her stomach about the thought of her sister watching her grind against Harry on the beach, Harry could care less. Actually, he’s pretty annoyed that Savi has stolen the spotlight once again.

“Once again she’s found a way to make herself the center of attention,” he said. “Everyone’s worried about Savi! It’s bloody immature. Why should I feel bad about getting on with my life?”

But Joss says she’s Savi’s sister and he’s Savi’s ex-husband, which is why they should feel bad.

That’s when Joss finds out the terrible news that Scott’s grandmother has died. She comforts her beau during the repass before confessing to him that she had cheated on him with Harry. Great timing, Joss.

“Pack your things,” he says to her with dead eyes.

Joss’ day only worsens when Karen reveals the harsh news that Savi was still in love with Harry (granted it was a recent revelation), which is probably why Joss’ sister took off. This sparks Joss’ need to find her sister even more, but it’s not until Karen receives a postcard from Savi that Joss learn where her sister is.

In episode 2, “I’ll Be Watching You,” it’s revealed Savi slipped away to Italy. “Alive, fine, in Italy,” Karen reads what the postcard says. But Joss can tell she’s leaving something out.

“Don’t tell Joss,” Joss reads the rest aloud.

Despite her sister wanting to stay missing, Joss attempts to track down Savi by calling every hotel in Italy. Her hunt is what eventually bonds her to her new -- and famous -- friend, fashion designer Calista Raines (Jennifer Esposito). Calista, too, is attempting to find someone -- her cheating husband. Calista explains to Joss that the reason she needs to catch him with another woman is for the sake of her hard, earned cash. She doesn’t want to have to give half her earnings away to some low life with a thing for leggy blondes.

While Joss gains a new friend, Karen feels like she has lost three. While speaking with Dr. Alec’s (Ed Quinn) wife (April had agreed to give Alec's dying wife her rare blood for a chance at living, which is what the Season 2 finale phone call was about), Karen learns that she’s not angry about losing her best friend, but scared that without Savi she’s doesn’t belong in the group.

“Without Savi do I fall out?” she asks April. “I’m afraid with her gone our friendship will fade. She was the glue. The one who brought me in and I know Joss is like your sister.”

April, who has been busy with her own issues (specifically her daughter and the arrival of Miranda’s [Kate Beahan] son and brother), promises Karen that although she may be flaky do to Lucy, Karen will always be her sister. “Savi or no Savi,” she says.

Other Major Moments From The Season 3 Premiere:

Harry vs. Scott

Scott shows up to Harry’s house drunk, waiting to fight the man with a sexy accent for stealing his woman. After throwing a few punches -- and a kick or two -- Scott tells Harry that he can “keep that two-timing b----.” Scott also bails out of the restaurant he invested in, the one where Harry is employed, leaving the business in the hands of a crude, and rude man.

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen

If Harry thought his relationship with Joss was going to be the only drama in his life, boy did he have another thing coming to him. When Harry walks into work he learns that the restaurant’s new boss just fired half of the staff who didn’t meet his beauty standards.

Harry is completely disgusted and contemplates quitting. That is, until he thinks of how hard Joss had fought for him to work there in the first place. So, he toughens up and makes his way into the kitchen the night his boss is attempting to impress his A-list guests. But the only one who manages to do the impressing is Harry, who has the high-and-mighty patrons eating out of the palm of his hand.

Harry wins back control of his kitchen, and gets his staff re-hired -- all thanks to Joss.

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