Looks like Kate won’t be the only one to have ill feelings toward Joss. In a sneak-peek video of the forthcoming Season 4 installment of “Mistresses,” it’s revealed that Joss will go behind the back of one of her closest friends in episode 10, titled “Confrontation.”

The video for the upcoming hit ABC series reveals that Joss (Jes Macallan) is still struggling with her anxiety disorder. In fact, her struggle with anxiety has grown so severe that she even asks Karen (Yunjin Kim) to write her a prescription (after having quickly went through her medication).

“I don’t prescribe for friends,” Karen says to Joss, adding that she hopes Joss will take her suggestion of paying a visit to one of the therapists she recommended.

But Joss is reluctant to have a psychologist analyze her and instead lets out a cough as she rips a page from Karen’s prescription pad. As she slips the paper into her purse she tries to change the topic of conversation by asking Karen about her sex life — or should we say lack thereof?

“We still haven’t got there yet,” Karen says, revealing that her newest suitor is in “favor or taking things slow.” “But things are going well so I guess it’s not that bad to wait. Unless, do you think it’s weird he hasn’t made it weird yet? My gut says it might be weird.” But, instead, Karen’s gut should be telling her that her friend is in desperate need of help!

Could Joss’ thievery create a rift between these lifelong buds? Or will Karen’s relationship with Joss become as broken as Kate’s (Tabrett Bethell) friendship with Joss?

“Mistresses” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.