What happens when you drink a few glasses of wine? Your judgment beings to get fuzzy. And that’s exactly what fans of ABC’s “Mistresses” can expect from our favorite characters in the upcoming Season 4 episode, titled “Blurred Lines” — for their judgment to be clouded.

In the last episode, fans got a glimpse of those blurred lines when Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) nanny Robert (Jerry O’Connell) began to blend his roles as the babysitter of Karen’s daughter and his employer’s boyfriend. This resulted in Robert losing his job due to overstepping his boundaries.

However, Karen decided she’d rather have Robert in her life as her lover than caregiver, resulting in the two rekindling their romance. But according to the synopsis for episode 4, Karen’s work will begin to boom, causing her to make certain sacrifices in her life — including her love life. Could Roben (or are we calling them Kabert) end their relationship before it even gets a chance to begin?

Meanwhile, April (Rochelle Aytes) will notice her new client Michael (Ian Harvie) overstepping his boundaries in episode 4. In the previous installment, April’s customer hired the fashionable businesswoman as his personal stylist. But it looks Michael will be making his business arrangement a little too personal, according to the summary.

Speaking of clients, Joss (Jes Macallan) will spend the upcoming installment “aggressively pursing a new client” — with an emphasis on aggressive. Without her two-a-day self-defense courses, all of Joss’ pent-up anger is being misplaced. And we have a feeling her emotions may explode at the wrong place and at the wrong time (cough — while trying to land a client — cough).

But according to the promo video for next week’s episode, it seems as though the largest blurred line will involve Marc (Rob Mayes) and his rocker ex-girlfriend.

“I’m asking for one more chance,” she pleads while standing in Marc and April’s doorway.

Will Marc give his former flame a second chance? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions! “Mistresses” airs Monday at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.