Luxe brand, Moët & Chandon, is offering champagne lovers a new way to celebrate the season of love with a limited-edition Tag Your Moët Rosé coffret.

The brand has very artistically designed the luscious bottle of Rosé Impérial to create a unique gift set.

Along with a bottle of Moët Rosé, dressed in pink for the occasion, and two special-edition flutes, a gold marker is included for you to personalize the bottle with your very own special touch of golden graffiti glamour.

Let your imagination soar and express your inner graffiti artist states the official Moët & Chandon site. You can sketch, write, doodle or create a modern urban masterpiece of trendy tag art to convey your message.

Rosé Impérial from the company is an alluring  concoction that artfully combines the intensity of Pinot Noir, the fruitiness of Pinot Meunier and the finesse of Chardonnay. Distinguished by its sensual aroma of fresh, red, summer berries with floral nuances and a light peppery touch, the champagne is sure to tease your senses to create a delightful experience.