A woman from Virginia was charged with killing her 6-year-old daughter and reportedly told a detective that she did so to send the little girl to heaven to protect her from aliens, according to the Roanoke Times Friday.

Darla Elizabeth Hise was charged with first-degree murder in the February 4 slaying of her daughter, Abigail Grace Hise, with a shotgun at their home in Hot Springs. A 3-year-old boy was also discovered at the home. Hise reportedly also believed she had aliens inside of her.

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Hise told officials at a psychiatric hospital that she had “aliens in her body and wanted them removed from her stomach,” according to her attorney Tony Anderson in court documents. Anderson is trying to have Hise’s statement to a detective suppressed from the record and claimed that Hise was mentally unstable and a regular drug user. Anderson also argued that Hise was unable to consent to waive her right to remain silent before speaking to Virginia Detective Jeff Grimm.

“In this case, the evidence will show that (Hise’s) drug use and psychosis prevented her from being fully aware that she was abandoning her right against self-incrimination and to counsel and the consequences of abandoning those rights,” said Anderson in a motion filed with the court last week.

Hise spoke to Grimm while at Bath Community Hospital in Hot Springs, Virginia the day after the alleged murder.

Police brought Hise to the hospital after the discovery of her dead daughter. Hise was diagnosed with “possible drug-induced psychosis vs PTSD psychosis,” according to court documents.

Court documents also showed that Hise had been using methamphetamines, amphetamines and marijuana in the weeks before the alleged murder.

“Throughout her interview with Detective Grimm, she detailed her psychosis that she believed her daughter and son were in danger from aliens and she thought she was going to save her daughter by sending her to heaven,” said a motion filed by Hise’s lawyer.

Hise suspended her Miranda Rights, which allowed her to remain silent to not implicate herself. Hise’s lawyer said that she was in no state of mind to waive those rights. Currently, Hise is being held in Western Virginia Regional Jail.

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Hise’s trial is slated to begin August 23. A test was conducted to deem whether Hise was competent to stand trial, but those results were sealed.

Hise’s lawyer also requested that the trial location be moved. Bath County is a community of a little under 4,500 people near the western state line on the border of West Virginia. The case was the first suspected murder in the county since 2009, according to the Roanoke Times.