• TikTok mom Kat Stickler swapped her child with someone else's to prank her husband, Mike Stickler
  • Mike quickly realized it was not their child, MK, and asked Kat where their real child was
  • Kat admitted she thought her husband would not notice the difference

A TikTok mom got more than what she expected when she tried to prank her husband by swapping their baby with someone else's.

Kat Stickler started off her Dec. 11, 2020, video by introducing her baby girl, MK, and a different-looking substitute, who was wearing the former's bow. The 26-year-old social media personality then proceeded to place a stroller containing the fake MK in front of her husband, Mike Stickler, and asked him to take the baby out.

Mike tried to carry out the request, but he examined the infant "for a hot minute" before finally standing up and declaring, "This is not our baby."

Kat, who was off-screen trying to hold back her laughter, kept up the charade by asking Mike what he meant.

"Is this a prank? Who's baby is this?" Mike asked while holding and caring for the replacement. The situation became tense when Mike bombarded Kat with more questions regarding their real child's whereabouts.

"You're pranking me right now? Where's MK? This is not our baby. You went to the park, right? This is not our baby. This is not funny. Where's MK?" the father said.

Things are defused when Kat finally appeared on screen and told Mike the truth. "I'm pranking you, I'm sorry," she said.

Mike handed the baby to Kat and let out a laugh. "Oh my god! That's not funny. Who's baby is this?" the father said in response.


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The mother explained that the baby was the child of a friend who was right outside and helped with the prank.

Relieved, Mike sat on the couch and told Kat that his heart was beating so fast because he thought she had lost their child.

"I live in a prank! I live in a prank!" he said at the end of the video, which had nearly 12 million views as of writing.

"Why did I think he wouldn't notice," Kat wrote in the caption along with an emoji of a facepalming woman.

However, months after the prank, the couple announced in March that they were separating through a video on TikTok. Their once joint account is now only in Kat’s name.

Representation. Kat Stickler was surprised her husband was easily able to see through her baby-swapping prank. Pixabay