Authorities at the Big Sky Water park at Montana have urged visitors to watch out for any kind of water borne diseases, including cryptosporidiosis, which is a profuse, watery diarrhea.

The authorities said they have taken measures to protect the park visitors from all types of waterborne illnesses. They also asked the customers to make their own contributions in protecting the area from a possible outbreak of water-based illnesses.

As a measure to prevent a possible outbreak, the water park authorities released a set of instructions for the customers to follow while visiting the park. It includes entering the pool only after a shower, avoiding the water park if an individual has had vomiting and diarrhea in the recent past, i.e.. within two weeks before visiting the park.

The park authorities also urged the parents to make their little ones wear swim diapers if they are planning to take them along in the water.

Roger Elliott, the general manager of the water park, said often crypto is spread through infants who are not using proper diapers. “Young babies that don’t wear swim diapers can have accidents in the pool,” he told MTN News.

The general manager further explained cryptosporidium, which is a parasite that causes Cryptosporidiosis, “is a spore baring bug that is protected in environments like guts and swimming environments with chlorine, and the spore protects that bug from being harmed by regular amounts of chlorine."

Elliot even said he has never witnessed a Crypto outbreak in the water park during the last 37 years. According to him, the park authorities are taking all possible measures to keep up the record by closely monitoring and sterilizing the water.