• Apple is strategically picking the launch and release date of the 2020 iPhone SE, according to an insider
  • The 2020 iPhone SE is reportedly arriving in the middle of this month
  • The insider claims that the iPhone 12 series might arrive in Sept. with the more expensive model arriving in the later part of Oct. 2020

The first iPhone for 2020 is just a few days away if the latest information from a reputable leaker is to go by. Based on the specs and features of the 2020 iPhone SE, it looks like it is one of the smart buys for this year. But when will Apple launch the 2020 iPhone SE, and when will consumers get a hold of the much-awaited entry-level iPhone?

2020 iPhone SE Launch and Release Date

Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser is back once again with his new set of leaks about the 2020 iPhone SE. According to the serial leakster, the entry-level iPhone would launch on Apr. 15 and would start shipping to consumers on Apr. 22. Prosser emphasized that the Cupertino-based tech juggernaut is strategically picking the date for the launch and release of the 2020 iPhone SE so it would not affect the release of the flagship iPhone 12 series, which has more advanced tech.

iPhone 12 Release Details

Prosser’s information about the 2020 iPhone SE seemingly coincides with the research note of GF Securities analyst Jeff Pu. Reported by Macrumors, the note claims that the entry-level iPhone would arrive in the middle of Apr. while the more expensive flagship iPhone 12 model would meet some delays and would launch sometime in Oct. 2020. Pu thinks that the Engineering Verification Test stage of the iPhone 12 may have lingered by a couple of weeks to late Apr for the 6.1-inch and the 5.4-inch iPhone models, and to the middle of May for the 6.7-inch iPhone model.

iPhone 8
Apple’s iPhone 8 is experiencing sluggish sales in South Korea. Reuters/Edgar Su

In other words, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro models might arrive in Sept. 2020, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max might be delayed until the later part of Oct. 2020. Forbes also notes in a recent report that the Cupertino tech giant is seemingly “determined” in leaking details about the 2020 iPhone SE. The site points out the “accidental” slip-ups on the company’s official website a few days earlier, where it posted the case and the AppleCare+ insurance of the upcoming device.

While these details are interesting, it is worth noting that these are not yet official. Apple, although somehow confirming the presence of the 2020 iPhone SE, has not officially confirmed that the much talked about iPhone model exists. As to this, take this information with a good measure of skepticism.