It’s an exciting premiere night for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, as the new crime-solving film “Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps,” starring Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox, will makes its debut.

The movie is an adaptation of TV personality Al Roker’s novel “The Morning Show Murders,” though Hallmark has changed the lead character to be a female lead instead, to be played by Peete.

After playing a supporting character in Hallmark Channel’s holiday flicks “Angel of Christmas” in 2015 and “Christmas in Evergreen” in 2017, Peete is ready to head out on her own and take the lead in her new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie.

Meanwhile, this will be her co-star Fox’s first Hallmark movie, but it surely won’t be his last as there will likely be more “Morning Show Mystery” movies on its way. But, let’s start with what this first installment is all about.

“Local restauranteur and TV chef Billie Blessings (Peete) loves doing her cooking segments on successful morning show ‘Wake Up West Coast,’ but she is not looking to fill the vacancy created by the sudden death of one of the show’s co-hosts,” the synopsis begins. “But when the show’s executive producer Rudy (Ben Wilkinson) drops dead in the middle of his speech to the show’s staff – during a dinner at Billie’s restaurant – all eyes are on Billie after it is soon revealed that the man died of cyanide poisoning.”

Ian Jackson (Fox) is the one heading up the investigation and he just so happens to be Billie’s father’s former partner on the police force, and someone Billie has a complicated past with. Ian wants to trust Billie had no part in the murder, but when her restaurant’s chef is seen on the security camera footage delivering the very cake that killed the man, he’s not so sure and the chef is brought in for questioning.

morning show mystery cast hallmark
Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox kick off their new Hallmark franchise with the debut of “Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps.” Crown Media/Ryan Plummer

Absolutely certain that the chef would never kill anyone, Billie asks her colleagues from the TV station for help. Eventually, Billie’s able to prove to Jackson that he has the wrong guy and the chef is freed.

“However, the evidence seems to point more and more to Billie, and now she is going to have to piece together all the details of the murder and identify the killer in order to prove her own innocence,” the synopsis continues.

“And there were many people who could have easily wanted the fiery-tempered man dead, including his fiancée, with whom he had argued heatedly that morning; his assistant, who put up with his demands on a daily basis and knew his secrets; the show’s self-centered host, who had just learned that he was being paid far less than his co-host; the station boss, whose daughter was engaged to the victim; the show’s cameraman, and even the lovely new co-host he had just named, who had been meeting him in secret for months.”

Will Billie be able to help Jackson find the real murderer before she becomes the killer’s next victim?

All will be revealed when “Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps” premieres on Sunday (Jan. 21) at 9 p.m. EST on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.